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Love and Life are mutually related. Love can be of various forms. Love from friends, Love from life partner, Love from children and Love from parents. Among all these relations, Love from parents  cannot be defined. Friends, life partner, children may leave us at any point of time, if their… Read more »

This video is an amazing explanation of how India lost its freedom and struggled over years to gain it back. Youngsters of current generation know that India was ruled by the British for almost 200 years but they don’t know what has happened and how India was taken over by… Read more »

Things are going digital and in another decade most of the traditional transactions will be completely converted to digital. In this scenario, Avaya, a Global Tech Company conducted a survey on which nation has the best set of users interested in Internet Banking. Among the banking customers from India, UK,… Read more »

India, which is the third largest importer of Crude Oil is now going for a tie-up with USA on the Oil imports. As per the information, India will be getting its first shipment of Crude Oil from USA in September. With the change in quality of the Crude Oil and… Read more »

India is expected to be a super power in another decade. The nation’s progress in Space Research has opened up several tie-ups with various western countries. Most of the countries were preferring ISRO to send their satellites as it costs less and the success rate is high. India is progressing… Read more »