History of India – Learning from mistakes

This video is an amazing explanation of how India lost its freedom and struggled over years to gain it back. Youngsters of current generation know that India was ruled by the British for almost 200 years but they don’t know what has happened and how India was taken over by the British East India Company. Here is a video which shows the historical events that happened in the past.

After learning about the past, lets summarize few things,

  • India was divided and ruled by different rulers (Maratha, Mughal, Nizam, Travancore, Rajputana, etc). India got united as a single nation only after the British started defeating these kingdoms and joining the bits to be a complete one. Later on the movement for independence made India united perfectly. If not, India wouldn’t have got the feeling of oneness!
  • If Britishers didn’t do this, India would have got delayed in getting the then western technology of Civil Engineering, Railways and Infrastructure
  • India was great in trade that time as it is mentioned in the video that almost five – six countries came to India making sea routes at the same time for trade of Spices, Cotton, Silk and other local produce
  • Respect for different cultures and traditions were a part of India right from ancient times. It is mentioned that Tipu sultan respected other religions too in his kingdom
  • Divide and Rule has been the major strategy of the British. It is not that they are strong with weapons but they are strong with strategy and used the loopholes of different kingdoms. If they didn’t take help of Maratha’s to defeat Tipu Sultan and the help of local leaders to defeat Bengal kingdom, the history would have been different. After taking the help, they betrayed the respective kingdoms and took them too
  • Puppet rulers destroyed Indian kingdoms and they are one of the biggest assets to the then British company
  • British East India Company is actually a group of adventurers and travelers who identify resourceful trade destinations. Later on, British government will use the exploration to colonize the land. In short, British East India Company is a Binami of the British government

So, we have read the history of India and the way the land lost its freedom. Few things were on the positive side, like the united India and the triggering of modern infrastructure. Other negative aspects were definitely strong lessons for the Indians. Strength of a nation lies in how well it raises after falling and India is in this vital phase from the last 70 years.

Now, we are independent and happy, so does that mean we are safe? Remembers, the people in various kingdoms felt the same until the thunderbolt fell on them in the form of East India Company. Then, lets check how safe we are in current scenario.

  • Britishers that time praised one kingdom or one vital person in the kingdom and took their support to defeat another kingdom or get into power in the respective one making that vital person as their puppet. This is their “Divide and Rule” strategy. Few politicians in current India are using the same “Divide and Rule” policy to get into power. They are praising and capturing people of certain Caste or Religion and are luring them with benefits which is resulting in winning in the elections
  • Few politicians have Binamis helping them to accumulate wealth
  • Reservation system is another key one for getting votes. Offering Caste based or Religion based reservation just for the sake of getting few votes is one of the cheap tactics of few politicians. Britishers used similar policies to lure the kings for tax exemptions.

The result of British Invasion resulted in the losing of freedom. So, what does the “Divide and Rule” strategic politicians’ invasion is doing to the nation currently?

Bellandur Lake - Toxic lake in India

  • Low quality infrastructure. Roads were in desperate condition and poor drainage system. A politician with commitment will surely give contracts to quality person but a politician with fake intentions or thirst for just the power will make sure that the contract goes to his relatives or friends. This results in poor infrastructure which will further make government sanction budget for the same road or drain, giving additional money to the same contractor.
  • In western nations like USA, if someone has to dig the road for some cable related or some power related work, they take permission and make sure that they cover it up. In India, it is tough to say who is digging the road and on what purpose. There were few reports in the media that after digging up the roads, politicians gave the contract to the same contractor to lay a new road and the process repeated several times.
  • Polluted rivers. Taking bribes from factory owners and letting them practice uncultured waste management programs, makes air and water completely polluted.
  • Insertion of Caste and Religion related feeling into the people will destroy the social harmony. Remember, the kings prior to the British Rule respected all religions and cultures. It is Britishers who started this sort of “Divide and Rule” policy. There are several people who doesn’t have Caste reservation but are economically poor and there are people who have Caste reservation and are rich. Giving Caste based offers just for votes is an indication of perfect unprofessional-ism.

Even though the Britishers left India declaring independence, few politicians are still following the dictatorship through different forms. In the video, they mentioned the suicidal fate of Robert Clive who accumulated lot of wealth troubling people and destroying peace, the same will happen for these sort of politicians. One last question to these “Divide and Rule” politicians,

What will you or your family achieve by doing this?

No peace of mind as you don’t know when will you get caught in IT raids, security threat from any direction, lots of black money but no time for happy life, destroying lives of children due to poor values and unnecessarily hyped lifestyle, hatred from most of the people at the end. Adding to this, they end up destroying lives of innocent people and making their future and nation’s future miserable.

As a democratic nation, India is giving all of you the freedom to select your leader. Lets learn from the past mistakes which India did and lets vote for the right candidates. Make your children’s future bright!