Andhra Pradesh – Rice bowl of India, Egg bowl of Asia!

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Andhra Pradesh Vizag Vijayawada Kakinada

Kakinada – Andhra Pradesh

Capital City: Amaravati
largest cities in Andhra Pradesh: Vijayawada, Vishakapatnam, Guntur
Language: Telugu
Dance Form: Kuchipudi
Popular Foods from the region: Avakai, Puthareku, Kaja
Unique local industries: Uppada Silk Sarees, Bhimavaram Non Vegetarian Pickles, Kondapalli Toys, etc

Andhra Pradesh has been first formed on linguistic basis. Few centuries back, the state was a popular Buddist Piligrimage center. Two most popular South Indian rivers Krishna and Godavari passes through this state and merges into the sea. The soil is so fertile in this region and the temperature suites the best for various tropical crops. Agriculture, Fisheries and Industrial sectors in the region contribute majority to the state’s economy. Andhra Pradesh is also called as Rice Bowl of India and Egg Bowl of Asia as the state is the highest producer of Rice and Eggs. 70% of the shrimp produced in India comes from this state. With respect to education, the state contributes few thousands of Engineers and Doctors every year to India. Kuchipudi has been the main dance form of the state and Mahabrinda Natyam which was performed by 6117 dancers in Vijayawada gained a place in Guinness World Records.

Gandikota - Andhra Pradesh

Gandikota – Andhra Pradesh


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