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Chennai Tiffins introduces the essence of Tamil Nadu Cuisine, emerging as a decent option for authentic South Indian Food in San Diego. Focusing on Indian Vegetarian food, Chennai Tiffins serves as an ideal gateway to unravel the rich flavors of South Indian food, beckoning food enthusiasts to embark on a delectable journey through the diverse Indian culinary heritage. Whether diving into crispy dosas or relishing aromatic curries, Chennai Tiffins offers an array of Indian vegetarian Entrees for food lovers in San Diego.

Chennai Tiffins San Diego

Menu of Chennai Tiffins

With authentic options found in Tamil Nadu like Idli Sambar, Medu Vada, Kothu Parotta and Dosas, menu of Chennai Tiffins offers great scope for food enthusiasts to explore.

Indian Breakfast:

Kickstart your day with the comforting softness of Idly, steamed rice patties that epitomize South Indian breakfast cuisine. Complementing this staple are variations like Sambar Idly and Rasam Idly, each presenting a unique twist on the classic idly by infusing them with delectable lentil soups. For those craving a touch of spice, indulge in the zesty Chili Idly, a fusion of flavors that packs a punch in every bite. If you’re seeking a medley of tastes, the Cocktail Idly offers an assortment of miniature idlies, perfect for sampling a variety in one plate.

Chennai Tiffins Buffet

The menu extends to a delectable range of deep-fried delights such as Aloo Bonda, featuring spiced potatoes encased in a crispy chickpea fritter, and Samosa, a savory pastry bursting with a flavorful potato and onion filling. Relish the crispy goodness of Onion Pakoda and the fiery Chili Bajji, both promising a delightful crunch and a burst of flavors. Experience the delightful Medu vada and Rasam vada, deep-fried lentil doughnuts served either plain or immersed in tangy Rasam. Don’t miss out on the flavorful Masala vada and Sambar vada, each offering a distinctive taste of traditional South Indian breakfast.

For the Dosa Lovers, Plain Dosa serves as the canvas for this culinary masterpiece, a thin, crisp Indian crepe prepared with a fermented batter. For those craving a touch of nostalgia, the Amma Dosa captures the essence of homemade comfort, offering a thicker and heartier version of the traditional dosa. The menu extends to the heavenly Ghee Roast, where each bite of the crepe, roasted in butter until crisp, exudes a rich and buttery aroma. Dive deeper into dosa delights with the Masala Dosa, a dosa stuffed with a savory potato masala, or indulge in the decadent Butter Masala Dosa, where the crepe is cooked in butter and stuffed with a luscious potato masala. Chennai Tiffins’ expertise shines through in specialty dosas like the Mysore Masala Dosa, featuring a tantalizing Mysore paste topping, and the Onion Dosa that offers a generous topping of finely chopped onions.

Delve into an array of innovative dosas such as the Pizza Dosa, a creative blend of dosa topped with pizza sauce, cheese, and veggies, or the Podi Dosa, layered with a spicy mix that awakens the palate. The restaurant’s creative flair extends to dosa variations like the Pesarattu, a crepe made with green moong, and the delectable Upma Pesarattu, featuring a green moong crepe topped with onions and stuffed with upma. From the traditional Rava Dosa to the fiery Andhra Kara Dosa, Chennai Tiffins’ menu boasts an impressive lineup of dosa offerings that cater to every palate and preference.

Begin your Uthapam exploration with the classic Plain Uthapam, a thick, spongy pancake-like delicacy, revered for its simplicity yet robust taste. For those seeking an extra punch, the Onion Uthapam is a perfect choice, adorned generously with finely chopped onions that caramelize to perfection upon the grill. Delve deeper into the assortment with the Onion Chili Uthapam, offering a tantalizing fusion of flavors that ignite the taste buds with every bite. The menu extends to innovative renditions like the Onion Tomato Uthapam, blending the sweetness of tomatoes with the sharpness of onions, and the fiery Onion Tomato Chili Uthapam, where the marriage of these ingredients creates an explosion of taste. Discover the delightful Tomato Uthapam, harmoniously combining the tanginess of tomatoes with the inherent goodness of Uthapam. Chennai Tiffins showcases its culinary prowess with specialties like Onion Karapodi Uthapam, boasting a blend of spicy powder and onions that deliver a punch of flavors.

For those seeking a vegetarian indulgence, the Veg Uthapam stands tall, adorned with an assortment of colorful vegetables that elevate this dish to a whole new level. And for a more indulgent experience, relish the Cheese & Veg. Uthapam, where the creamy richness of cheese complements the freshness of assorted veggies.


Rice Varieties:

The rice-based specialties here are a testament to South India’s culinary prowess. Indulge in the comforting warmth of Pongal, a delectable rice and lentil dish cooked to perfection. Sample the tangy zest of Lemon Rice and the aromatic allure of Coconut Rice that carries the essence of fresh coconut. Experience the tantalizing blend of spices in Tomato Rice and the wholesome goodness of Bisibelle Bath, a savory rice dish that entices with its medley of flavors.

The menu also boasts an exquisite selection of rice-based mains such as Veg Biryani, a fragrant blend of rice and vegetables, and Veg Fried Rice, offering a symphony of tastes in every bite. Savor the fragrant allure of Jeera Rice and the comforting creaminess of Yogurt Rice. The richness of Paneer Fried Rice adds a delightful twist, while the humble comfort of Plain Rice serves as a perfect accompaniment to various dishes.


Chef’s Specials:

The Chef Specialties section presents a fusion of flavors. The Adai with Avial showcases a medley of lentils served with a delicious mixed vegetable curry. For a hearty indulgence, relish the Chole Batura—deep-fried bread paired with spiced chickpeas. Dive into the flavorsome Kothu Parotta, a dish that combines shredded flatbread with flavorful spices. For a delightful snack, try the Poori Bajji, offering crispy bread served with a potato curry. Experience the distinct taste of Parotta with Salan and the comforting simplicity of Poori with Channa or Veg Kurma.



The curry selection at Chennai Tiffins is a symphony of aromatic spices and wholesome ingredients. Delight in the creamy goodness of Palak Paneer and the rich flavors of Paneer Butter Masala. Relish the hearty goodness of Chana Masala and the comforting simplicity of Dal Fry. The Okra Masala offers a tantalizing blend of spices and textures, rounding out the curry menu.



Complement your meal with a variety of accompaniments like Raita and Papad, along with the zesty freshness of Nimbu Masala Soda and the richness of Madras Filter Coffee. Complete your feast with an assortment of delightful desserts, including the luscious Carrot Halwa, melt-in-your-mouth Gulab Jamun, and creamy Rasmalai.


Catering and Buffets

Chennai Tiffins offers Indian food catering in San Diego. They have tray options as well with different price tags. On weekends, they offer Brunch Buffet which includes Medu Vada, Idli, Pongal, Dosa, Puri with Potato Bajji, Kesari, Sambar, Coconut Chutney, Peanut Chutney, Madras Filter Coffee and Masala Tea.

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