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Currycraft Indian restaurant in San Marcos is a well known name in the Indian Buffet segment in the region. This restaurant is one of the very few offering Indian Buffet in San Marcos. Along with the Indian Buffet, Currycraft brings in few interesting options from North Indian Cuisine like Tandoori Specials, Chole Bhatura, Chicken – Fish Tikka, and many more.

This Indian restaurant boasts not one, but two charming locations within the San Marcos region: one conveniently nestled on Nordahl Road, and the other, a stone’s throw away from the illustrious San Marcos High School. Since its establishment in 2017, CurryCraft’s journey has been marked by resilience, navigating the challenging tides of the Covid era with unwavering strength.

Indian Restaurant in San Marcos CA


Emerging from the pandemic’s shadows, CurryCraft proudly took the lead in resurrecting the beloved Indian buffet in San Marcos. This initiative garnered immense popularity among locals and visitors alike. With multiple options in Non Vegetarian and Vegetarian food, Currycraft opens its door for a good dining experience of Indian food in San Marcos.

Menu of CurryCraft

The menu of Currycraft Indian restaurant covers all the vital segments from tasty appetizers to tangy Indian street food. With Tandoori specials and few unique dishes, Currycraft is offering a decent selection of Indian food in San Marcos.



The menu unveils a range of authentic appetizers that capture the essence of India’s culinary heritage. Start with the Roasted Papad, a thin, crispy lentil wafer infused with aromatic spices. The Masala Papad elevates this experience by adding a medley of tangy and savory flavors to the crispy base. The Samosa delivers a savory punch with its golden, flaky crust enveloping a spiced filling of potatoes and peas. The Vegetable Pakora showcases a blend of vegetables dipped in chickpea flour batter and fried to golden perfection. Seek comfort in the Aloo Tikki, featuring spiced potato patties complemented by flavorful chutneys. The Veg Spring Rolls delight with their crunchy exterior giving way to a delightful vegetable filling. For those craving meaty goodness, the Chicken Samosa and Lamb Samosa offer flavorful encounters. The Paneer Pakora encapsulates the creamy richness of homemade cheese coated in a crisp batter. Transition to a burst of flavors with the Samosa Chaat and Aloo Tikki Chaat, tantalizing amalgamations topped with garbanzo beans, chutneys, and yogurt.


Indian Street Food:

Delve into the vibrant world of street chaat, where every bite is an adventure in flavors and textures. Explore the interactive and flavorful journey of Pani Puri  or the delightful blend of textures in Bhel Puri. Sample the savory crunch of Sev Puri and Dahi Puri, each layered with chutneys and yogurt. The Papadi Chaat offers a satisfying crunch amidst a harmonious blend of chutneys and yogurt.


Indo-Chinese Fusion:

As the culinary journey continues, the Indo-Chinese fusion section sets the stage for a tantalizing blend of culinary traditions. Embrace the flavorsome embrace of Veg Noodles, where long strands of noodles entwine with vibrant, spicy vegetables. The Gobi Manchurian introduces cauliflower as the star, bathed in a luscious soy sauce and chili paste, offering a delightful crunch. For those seeking a tangy punch, the Chilli Paneer unfolds a zesty tale of paneer stir-fried with bell peppers and chilies, while the Chicken Manchurian enchants taste buds with its spicy ginger and garlic soy sauce. Dive into the flavors of the Chilli Chicken, where each bite delivers a perfect blend of spice and garlic, while the Chicken Noodles promise a symphony of flavors and textures in every forkful.


Small Plates:

The Chole Poori presents a delightful combination of whole wheat fried puffed bread paired with a savory chickpea curry, promising a burst of authentic flavors with every bite. Similarly, the Chole Bhature arrives as a crispy, fried puffed naan bread coupled with a fragrant and rich chickpea curry, making it a feast for the senses. Completing this section is the Poori Bhaji, where the aromatic mix of spiced potatoes and fluffy pooris tantalizes taste buds, offering a comforting and traditional indulgence.


Currycraft Specials:

With their own mix of spices, standing unique from other restaurants offering Indian food in San Marcos, Currycraft’s specials include Tandoori Chicken which features marinated bone-in chicken, expertly cooked in the traditional tandoor oven, delivering a smoky, spice-infused exterior complemented by tender, succulent meat. The Chicken Tikka presents an enticing blend of spices, stir-fried with bell peppers, green chilies, and onions, offering a harmonious explosion of flavors. Seafood enthusiasts can revel in the Tandoori Shrimp, where jumbo shrimp grilled to perfection in the tandoor emanate a delightful oceanic essence. The Fish Tikka delivers tandoor-roasted fish pieces that balance tenderness with robust spices, while the Seekh Kebab tantalizes with its succulent minced lamb, grilled to aromatic perfection.


Indian Food in San Marcos CA


Vegetarian Entrees:

The Dal Makhani offers a rich indulgence, featuring lentils cooked to perfection in a spicy sauce, making it a hearty and comforting choice. For those seeking a creamy delight, the Veg Korma presents a harmonious blend of mixed vegetables cooked in a creamy cashew nut sauce, promising a symphony of flavors in every bite. Venturing further, the Baingan Ka Bharta showcases eggplant cooked with tomatoes and onions, embodying a balance of smoky and tangy notes.

Meanwhile, the Chana Masala offers a delightful mix of chickpeas cooked with tomatoes and onions, boasting robust flavors that complement each other beautifully. Currycraft’s menu continues to surprise and entice with dishes like Aloo Gobi, where cauliflower and potatoes are sautéed in tomatoes and spices, creating a medley of textures and tastes. The Yellow Tadka Dal brings forth a comforting yet flavorful dish, with yellow lentils fried with onions and spices.

The Malai Kofta is a showstopper, featuring vegetable rolls cooked in a creamy cashew sauce, offering a delightful mix of textures and creaminess in every bite. For those inclined toward a more savory note, the Mattar Paneer presents a harmonious blend of green peas and homemade cheese cooked in a special sauce. Meanwhile, the Saag Paneer showcases homemade cheese cooked with creamy spinach, offering a vibrant and nutritious dish.

Moving on to the Kadai Paneer, this dish elevates the flavors with homemade cheese cooked alongside bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes, delivering a delightful burst of tangy and savory tastes. The Coconut Mattar Paneer brings a tropical twist, combining green peas and homemade cheese in a coconut-infused sauce, creating a unique fusion of flavors.


Non Vegetarian Entrees:

The Chicken Makhani, commonly known as Butter Chicken, tantalizes taste buds with its creamy tomato sauce embracing tender chicken pieces. For those craving a fiery experience, the Chicken Vindaloo is a standout choice. This dish harmonizes the heat of a special hot sauce with perfectly cooked chicken, a bold flavor profile not for the faint-hearted.

A burst of coastal flavors emerges in the Mango Chicken, where succulent chicken bathes in a tantalizing onion and mango gravy, creating a sweet and tangy fusion. Meanwhile, the Chicken Saag weaves creamy spinach with tender chicken pieces, a nutritional delight with every spoonful. Dive into the Chicken Tikka Masala for a tangy yet creamy indulgence, where white meat pieces luxuriate in a velvety tomato sauce. The Chicken Jalfareezi is a colorful medley of chicken and vegetables cooked together, offering a vibrant and wholesome feast.

The Lamb Vindaloo delivers a powerful punch with its specially prepared hot and spicy sauce, igniting the taste buds with every bite. For a creamy indulgence, the Royal Lamb Korma is a must-try, showcasing the tender lamb cooked in a rich, creamy cashew sauce. Seeking a hint of sweetness in your savory dish? The Mango Lamb Curry presents tender lamb pieces bathed in a delicious onion and mango gravy, a delightful blend of sweet and savory notes.

For those intrigued by robust flavors, the Madras Lamb Curry beckons with its coconut-infused gravy, offering a depth of taste that resonates with every mouthful. The Lamb Rogan Josh offers an exquisite blend of exotic spices and yogurt, infusing the lamb with an unparalleled richness.

Explore the symphony of flavors in the Kadai Lamb, where tender lamb harmonizes with bell peppers and onions, creating a savory and aromatic delight. Meanwhile, the Lamb Saag presents a nutritious blend of lamb cooked with creamy spinach, a perfect marriage of health and taste.

Starting with the Shrimp Curry, revel in the succulent shrimp immersed in a tantalizing tomato and onion gravy, offering a delightful blend of spices. The Shrimp Vindaloo elevates the dining experience with its chef-special spicy sauce, infusing the shrimp with a fiery zest.

Craving a creamy indulgence? The Shrimp Korma promises an exquisite treat with its shrimp bathing in a creamy cashew sauce, while the Shrimp Saag combines plump shrimps with creamy spinach, creating a harmonious balance of flavors and textures.

The Shrimp Tikka Masala encapsulates the essence of coastal cuisine, offering shrimp immersed in a creamy, tangy tomato sauce, evoking a burst of flavors with every bite. For a touch of coconut-infused delight, the Coconut Shrimp Curry presents shrimp cooked in a fragrant coconut curry, perfect for those seeking a tropical culinary adventure.


Rice Entrees:

Starting with the fundamental Plain Rice, a bed of perfectly steamed white rice, this forms the base for various flavorful dishes. For those seeking an aromatic delight, the Jeera Rice could be the perfect choice. Infused with cumin seeds, it adds a unique taste to the meal. The Peas Pulao elevates the rice experience by combining basmati rice with the sweetness of peas.

The biryani selection is where the magic truly happens. From the Veggie Biryani filled with assorted vegetables to the more indulgent Chicken Biryani, Lamb Biryani, Shrimp Biryani, and Goat Biryani, each variant offers a distinct blend of spices and flavors cooked alongside the basmati rice, creating a dish that’s both aromatic and rich in taste.


Indian Bread:

From the classic Naan, a white leavened bread that’s a perfect complement to any dish, to the Tandoori Roti, a wholesome whole wheat tandoori bread, each offering caters to diverse tastes. For those seeking a hint of garlic, the Garlic Naan might be the ideal choice, topped with aromatic garlic and cilantro. The Chilli Naan adds a flavorful punch with a spice kick.

If you fancy a delightful stuffed bread, their Plain Paratha might just satisfy that craving, while the Mint Paratha offers a refreshing twist stuffed with mint. The Kabuli Naan, a stuffed leavened bread filled with cherries and coconut powder, stands out as a delightful fusion. Moreover, you can personalize your bread experience by opting for variations like Onion/Aloo/Mix Veg/Paneer/Chili Paneer in the delectable Kulcha. Their Bhatura is a scrumptious option, a fried puffed naan bread that pairs perfectly with their delectable curries.



Delving into their repertoire of delightful Desserts, you’ll discover the exquisite Gulab Jamun, sweet deep-fried dumplings immersed in a delightful sugar syrup. Meanwhile, the Ras Malai indulges your palate with cheese dumplings soaked in a rich milk syrup. A classic favorite, the Rice Pudding (Rice Kheer), presents a homemade delight made with authentic flavors and comforting textures.



The inclusion of Mango Lassi brings a soothing, sweet delight, perfect for complementing their flavorsome dishes. If you’re looking for something more unique, the Masala Chai Tea offers a flavorful twist to your beverage selection.


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Catering and Buffet

CurryCraft Indian restaurant, with its multiple locations in North County, offers Indian food catering in San Marcos, Carlsbad, San Diego and the regions near by. The restaurant offers Indian Buffet in San Marcos on weekdays and weekends where people can have a taste of their most popular dishes.

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