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5 Best Local Events in San Diego Every Year

Last updated on May 3rd, 2022

Best Local Events in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most populated cities in California. It has some wonderful beaches, excellent breweries, and stunning tourist attractions. This beauty is what is attracting hundreds of people to get settled here every year. And for all these huge populations, the city has something to offer and entertain all through the year. San Diego city stays busy in all the seasons with some fun and traditional events that have been taking place for decades. Below mentioned are some of such must-visit local events in San Diego.

San Diego County Fair

San Deigo County Fair is one huge, historical and amazing event organized every year. The event tradition dates back to the late 1800s, way before even World War I and II emerged. The historical event started as a county fair creating a platform for farmers to exhibit their various animals, livestock, and the several food and accessories made from them. Animal competitions, sports, and agriculture shows were the most prominent events that have always been a part of the San Diego County Fair.

Carrying the years-long tradition even to date, the San Diego County Fair has become one of the very famous local events in San Diego that all people eagerly wait for. It continues to have historical animal shows/competitions and animal product exhibits for purchase, along with many modern-day events and shows that make you eagerly wait for the event every year. Concerts, animal exhibits, competitions, wine exhibits, adventure rides, lots of shopping, and the craziest food possible are all just the start in the loads of fun that is awaiting in this one-month-long San Diego County Fair.

Big Bay Boom

The Fourth of July i.e., the Independence Day of the United States is always one of the biggest days of the year in the US with utmost prominence. It is well known that this day is celebrated in the country with parades, ceremonies, carnivals, and most importantly fireworks. The city of San Diego is incredibly famous for the firework celebrations on the fourth of July.

Big Bay Boom is the name given to the wonderful firework celebrations that take place along San Diego Bay. This local event in San Diego is very famous and is known to be one of the largest fireworks displays in the United States. The tradition started in the year 2001 and has grown explicitly over the years as the firework display patterns have been growing to be more complex, making it a more and more beautiful display with every passing year. If living in the city or neighbouring places around the city, then it is worth travelling to the bay and watching the Big Bay Boom. If you are a tourist wishing to visit San Diego, then planning the visit around the Big Bay Boom event is recommended as it is an absolute delight to watch those fireworks displaying over the San Diego beaches.

San Diego Annual Pacific Beach Fest

One of the best things about having an ocean or a beach in the city is the beach festivals. And with San Diego having the Pacific Ocean stretching miles along the city’s seacoast, a Beach Fest is a must. Being held annually for more than 15 years, the San Diego Annual Beach Fest is one amazing event that everyone should attend. It is held mostly in the last quarter of the year and is known to have hundreds of people attending the event every year.

Amidst the busy and regular working days of September or October, the San Diego Annual Pacific Beach Fest guarantees to add loads of fun back in one of such regular weekends. Many different activities are organized every year including concerts, rides, shopping, competitions and many more, making the San Diego Annual Pacific Beach Fest one of the best local events in San Diego. It is a one-day event with events activities scheduled from morning to evening which are entertaining to both adults and kids. If new to the city, then this Beach Fest is a great way to know the people and the living culture of San Diego.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International is not just one of the best local events in San Diego, but also one of the most famous events in the entire United States. Comic-Con is considered to be the largest comic book convention in the world. It is one of the biggest and the best conventions that is attended by enormous crowds every year. Its history dates back to almost 50 years as the event has started in the year 1970. The event is held annually and 1.3 to 1.6 lakhs people attend every year. The event is a platform for all the regular people and fans to meet with comic book authors, celebrities from films and television series and shows of different genres, and many other popular guests belonging to related fields of entertainment and pop culture.

The San Diego Comic-Con International is a great way to have fun and make some cherished memories with your family and friends. It is also a great way to make new friends with similar tastes in films and comic books. World-famous comic book authors, artists, top-class actors, directors, and other members of the film industry, etc. are all a part of the activities held in the event. Actors and actresses of DC and Marvel franchises, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, etc have been the special guests for this event.

San Diego Restaurant Week

Being one of the most populous cities in California, San Diego has numerous restaurants representing a wide variety of diverse cultures. If you are new to the city and have no idea which restaurants to visit or if you are stuck up in daily work and just have no idea when to explore the restaurants, then the San Diego Restaurant Week is the best kick-starter for you. This local event in San Diego is more than a 15-year-old tradition that is a celebration to the foodie lover existing inside every person in San Diego.

San Diego Restaurant Week is celebrated once or twice every year. A large number of restaurants participate in this city-wide organized event. It is not conducted in a particular place, instead, all the participating restaurants celebrate the San Diego Restaurant Week in their respective restaurants. So, in these 7-8 days of San Diego Restaurant Week, food will be available at a particular standard price in all the participating restaurants. At the same price, all restaurants offer their restaurant specials in both lunch and dinner along this one week of celebrations.


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